What To Pack




  • A Water Bottle
                 Dehydration Happens Quickly in the Florida Sun !
  • Sun Tan Lotion
                 A Good 30 SPF Sunscreen is Essential
  • Insect Repellant
                  I Recommend a Combination Sunscreen/Insect Repellant Lotion
  • Wear Comfortable Cotton Clothe
                 It is Best if You Wear Long Sleaves and Long Pants Because of Insects
                 and To Prevent Getting Scratched by Trees Branches.

  • Wear Sturdy Walking or Hiking Shoes and High Socks
                Many Times, the Foot Trails are Rugged or Overgrown with Roots and
                Understory Plants



  • Camera
    • Digital Cameras: Extra Batteries, Memory Cards, Zoom and Macro Lenses
    • Other Cameras: Zoom Lense is Essential for Birds and other Wildlife
                    Macro Lenses are Used for Close Ups Like Flowers or Insects.
                    Wide Angle Lenses are Used for Landscape Shots.
                    A Tripod Might be Useful .
                    Lens Cleaner is Needed Often Out in the Field.
                    Don't Forget Extra Film !
  • Binoculars
                Great for Bird Watching.
  • Your Favorite Referrence or Wildlife Identification Book
                 For a List of My Favorite Guides, Check out My Bookshelf !
  • Pen and Paper To Jot Down Notes and Thoughts
  • A Walking Stick
                 This Can Also be Used to Clear Away Spider Webs that are Always
                 on the Trail in Front of You.


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