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Long Key State Park
Golden Orb Trail


Long Key State Park opened in 1969.
It encompasses 1,000 acres in all.
It has Camp Sites, Walking Trails, and Canoe trails.
On this trip, I just visited the Golden Orb Walking Trail.
Its a 1.2 Mile loop that takes about an hour to hike.


Long Key State Park    Long Key State Park

There is a nice size parking area at the start of the trail.

Long Key State Park

The first thing you see is the Restroom Area.


Long Key State Park    Long Key State Park
After the Restroom Area starts the raised Boardwalk. Very well kept and nice!

Long Key State Park    Long Key State Park
Soon, you come on up an open area where you can see Mongrove Roots and Brackish water.
This is the Mangrove Swamp area.

Long Key State Park
Next up is the Observation Tower.


Golden Orb Trail Observation Tower    Golden Orb Trail Observation Tower
The tower is not really that high.
About 2 stories high I would say.
It does give a nice view of the top of the canopy.


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