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reptile,reptile pictures,reptile photography

' Tam Mild '

Tam Jalapeno Plant


Here is my Tam Mild Jalapeno plant.
I planted her mid March. She was purchased as a 2 inch
seedling. Here she is mid May.


Tam Jalapeno

This plant is very prolific! Every single flower turned into a jalapeno!

Tam Jalapeno Flower  Tam Jalapeno Flower
These are the flowers. I have a really big ant problem.
You can see one there on the right flower.
They did not affect the plant though....

Tam Jalapeno
Here is the Jalapeno starting to grow.

Tam Jalapeno
The mature Jalapenos are 2 - 3 inches long and have
a mild flavor. They are still spicy though!

Tam Jalapeno

So far, from one plant, I have at least 30 Jalapenos.




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