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Edwards Wasp Moth
Lymire edwardsii

Edwards Wasp Moth Caterpillar
Edwards Wasp Moth Caterpillar

I was in my car when I saw this caterpillar on some long grasses by the side of the road.
I made my husband pull over so I could catch it.
He says I have eagle eyes!
This host plant of the
Edwards Wasp Moth Caterpillar is the Ficus Tree.
Here is South Florida Ficus trees are everywhere,
especially The Strangler Fig Ficus.
This caterpillar leaves the tree to look for a place to pupate.
It is covered in long hairs that are white or yellow.
Notice the little tuft of brown hairs toward the head.

Edwards Wasp Moth  Caterpillar


The colors of the head of the larvae are very distinct and helps to identify this species.


Edwards Wasp Moth Pupa

The caterpillar uses the hairs from its back to make the covering
for its cocoon or pupae.


Edwards Wasp Moth Pupa

Edwards Wasp Moth Pupa

Here you can see the caterpillar and the cocoon through my clear bug box.
This one stayed in the cocoon for 12 days.

Edwards Wasp Moth
Edwards Wasp Moth
Here are picture of the top and bottom of the Edwards Wasp Moth.

Edwards Wasp Moth

Edwards Wasp Moth
These pictures are blurry but you can see that the hind wings are thinner
and see through.


Edwards Wasp Moth, Rubber Tree Caterpillar
Lymire edwardsii

Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Arctiidae


South Florida
10 /2011



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