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The Mournful Sphinx Moth
Enyo lugubris

Mournful Sphinx Moth    


I first found this little moth at about Midnight resting on my fountain
in the back yard.
It must of just emerged from its cocoon because it let me pick it up.
They will not try to fly until their wings are fully dried.
This one was about 2 inches.


Mournful Sphinx Moth

The next morning it was still there were I left it outside.
At about Noon is when it finally started vibrating
its wings and flew away.


Mournful Sphinx Moth

Mournful Sphinx Moth


The Mournful Sphinx Moth looks just like a dead leaf.
The caterpillars feed on plants in the Grape Family
usually Possum Vine and Pepper Vine here in Florida.


Mournful Sphinx Moth
Enyo lugubris

Order: Lepidoptera
Family: Sphingidae

South Florida





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