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Spotted Oleander Moth Life Cycle
Empyreuma affinis

Spotted Oleander Moth Caterpillar

This is the caterpillar of the Spotted Oleander Moth.
It feeds on Oleander leaves. which are poisonous.
Unlike the Polka Dot Wasp Moth Caterpillars that feed in groups,
the Spotted Oleander Caterpillars prefer to feed alone.
This makes them less common and less destructive.

Spotted Oleander Moth Pupa

Spotted Oleander Moth Pupa

The one on the right is getting ready to become a pupa.
They use the hair off their backs and silk to form a loose
covering to hide their pupas.
Unlike most other moths that pupate in the soil,
these pupate in any nice little corner they can find.
They stay in the cocoon for about 2 weeks.

Spotted Oleander Moth

These moths are day fliers.
Not too great a picture but they fly really fast and
dont stay still for long!

Spotted Oleander Moth
Empyreuma affinis
Arctiidae Family
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