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Gymnocalycium bruchii

Gymnocalycium bruchii

Scientific Name: Gymnocalycium bruchii
Common Name: Chin Cacti , Spider Cacti
Cactus    4/13/2001

Recommended Temperature: USDA Zone 9-11
Hardy to 41° F
Origin: Argentina
Growth Habit: Globular growth.
Chin like shape beneath areoles and spine cluster.
Summer grower.
Dormant in winter.
Reputation for easy growth.
Flowering Habit:

Gymnocalycium comes from Greek "nakes calyx".This refers to the flower buds that have no spines or hairs.
Flowers appear in late spring early fall.
They only open fully in bright light.

Light Requirements: Prefers light shade.
Full afternoon sun my burn then or even stunt growth.
Water Requirements: Water thoroughly only when dry.
Keep dry in winter.