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Pleiospilos nelii

Pleiospilos nelii

Scientific Name: Pleiospilos nelii
Common Name: Split Rock
Succulent    1/30/2002

Recommended Temperature: USDA Zone 9-10
Hardy to 23° F(-5 °C)
Origin: South Africa native.
Growth Habit: Clumping leaf growth.
Winter Grower.
Dormant in Summer.
Flowering Habit:

Orange/Yellow Flowers are produced in January towards the end of the
growing season.
The flower stalk is about 2" tall.
Blooms open in afternoon sun and close again at night.
Same flower will open again for 2-3 days.

Light Requirements: Prefers light shade in summer.
Water Requirements: Give moderate water in fall and early spring.
Give little or no water when dormant in summer or will rot!